Oriol Llop

Oriol is a professional with more than 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors, fundamentally focused on the areas of corporate communication, branding and reputation management. He has an enormous capacity for leadership, crisis management and resolution of highly complex political and communication situations.

He knows perfectly public administration routines and decision-making process. He has been deputy director general of the Communication Office of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya, where he coordinated the different communication strategies of the ministries with government action.

He was also at the first line of political communication involved in the design and implementation of electoral campaigns, dealing with media and leading corporate content creation.

He has been comms & Brand director of ESADE Business & Law School for 11 years, where he led its digital transformation, focused on international hits. He was responsible for the management of crisis situations.

Oriol has a degree in Journalism and Political Sciences from the UAB. He earned an Executive degree in global management from ESADE and the Wharton School of Management, and another one in branding from Columbia Business School and McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University.

He is a professor of Journalism at Pompeu Fabra University and the moderator of a podcast focused on entrepreneurship at the leading radio station in Catalunya.

He joined the H + K Public Affairs team in 2021.

He speaks English, Spanish and Catalan.