COVID-19 Intelligence + Advisory Communications Team (I-ACT)


The business operating environment has changed and will continue to change as a result of COVID-19. Designed to mitigate risk, build reputation and accelerate growth, our I-ACT consultants provide clients with the intelligence and integrated communication services necessary to navigate this new business operating environment.

Business Operating Environment Typologies

While working with clients to effectively respond to the current circumstances, our experts observed and identified a constellation of business operating environment typologies. Categorizing businesses into these typologies ensures the team focuses on delivering expertise and counsel tailored to the specific challenges brands are experiencing.

Some markets have disappeared or have been temporarily suspended. If your business was built against a market that is now absent, how do you develop a strategy to reinvent and restart your business and effective communications in a new market?

Business requirement: Reinvent + Restart

Example markets / sectors: Restaurants. Cinema / Entertainment

Some markets have been put on pause or slow during the lock-down and will re-start quickly in some new fashion in the future. If that is your business how do you ensure a swift recovery?

Business requirement: Refresh + Re-launch

Example markets / sectors: Travel + Tourism, Airlines

Changed and evolved markets are unlikely to return to their former ways of operating. They have evolved into new markets that combine elements of the old with elements of the new. What are the new markets your business now operates in, and how will you adapt to enter them?

Business requirement: Resume + Adapt

Example markets / sectors: Retail, Sports, Entertainment

Technology and innovation have been accelerated, developing markets years earlier than we could have ever imagined. How do you accelerate and evolve your business and communications strategy to take advantage of these opportunity markets?

Business requirement: Accelerate + Evolve

Example markets / sectors: On-line Retail, Communications + Technology, On-line Communications, Home Entertainment, Delivery Services

New markets are being born out of the ‘new normal.’ How do we take advantage of these new markets?

Business requirement: Innovate + Grow

Example markets / sectors: Communications + Technology

Local Expertise + Global Insights

Businesses need to understand and respond to this environment in different ways and use communications as a tool to help them successfully adapt in this new business landscape.

Bringing together local regulatory expertise with global insights, our I-ACT Team encompasses political, policy and regulatory issues, combined with human and cultural dynamics, mapped against the five typologies.

Plan Forward

In addition to our specialist I-ACT Team, we have a suite of Plan ForwardTM products and services customized to the current and anticipated scenarios brought about by COVID-19. The suite can be applied together or individually by product or service for clients, locally and globally as they adapt to the changing environment.

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