Media Markt, a leading company in the distribution of consumer electronics, relies on H+K Spain as its strategic communication partner.
H+K centred its initial activities on activating an “always on” press office, whose main goal was to establish relationships of trust with the media in order to minimise any attacks on corporate image arising from possible crisis situations.

Through this press office we handled over 100 requests from general and specialised media every month and managed the implementation of specific communication plans for each new inauguration in Spain.

In order to promote Media Markt’s reputation in Spain, H+K designed, developed and implemented the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy, aligned with its values and identity. The initiatives effected under this framework have improved the internal and external perception of Media Markt in aspects such as conciliation, advertising policies, solidarity and environmental awareness.
Lastly, H+K anticipates and manages any possible issues that may affect the company and the electronics and retail sectors.