Today, social media is as popular as ever and is used by many brands to influence consumer choice. However, pharmaceutical companies in Spain are reluctant to use social media due to their more traditional b2b ways of communicating.
In February 2014, H+K proposed to Bayer that they start using Instagram in order to start reaching millennials, resulting in the launch of #MiDecisionMasLibre. The aim of the initiative was to educate young girls and to help them make an informed, free decision on contraception and to ensure that they were aware of the benefits of long-term birth controls (LAC), particularly the hormonal intrauterine device (IUD).
As part of the campaign, H+K hosted a #FeelFreeParty for more than 200 millennials, in which girls got masses of information and learned about different contraception choices. Thanks to the ambitious social media campaign, we created a community of over 3,000 millennials on Instagram. In addition we achieved 112 media articles and reached an audience of 14.6 million with intense press office activity.