With the aim of positioning Boehringer Ingelheim as an implicated company that contributes to improving the patient’s life and fight with the doctor against lung cancer, HK Strategies creates the campaign #JuntosSumamosVida to give recognition to those small social projects that benefit the patient Of lung cancer.

The initiative is addressed to all stakeholders: patients, caregivers, medical community, public opinion and has the support of AEACaP (Spanish Association of Affected by Lung Cancer) and ICAPEM (Lung Cancer Research in Women). In 2016, the scholarship was granted to a project for the creation of a respiratory rehabilitation app for lung cancer patients.

Choosing an appropriate strategy through channels and efficient content has been key to the success of the campaign. In social networks, the videos obtained a total of 168,968 views on Youtube and 1.2MM impressions. In the press 112 hits were achieved and an audience of 7.2MM.