Jack Martin

With more than 40 years of experience in communications, politics, and business, Jack Martin is a true visionary in the global arena of strategic communications. 

Jack maintains an active role in client development. Under Jack’s leadership, H+K has transformed and expanded its global presence in a number of key areas, including creative, content, healthcare and government policy. And that transformation continues. 

Earlier in his career, Jack founded Public Strategies, Inc. (PSI) in Austin, Texas, and grew it into one of the most successful public affairs firms in America. PSI was later acquired by London-based WPP and merged with Hill & Knowlton; the combined entity is known today as Hill+Knowlton Strategies. 

Jack’s overriding beliefs about business are set forth in the Fifth Seat advisory model that he pioneered; this concept defines and drives H+K’s work for C-suite clients around the world. Basic tenets of the Fifth Seat:

CEOs and their boards have traditionally turned to four key advisors when weighing decisions: lawyers (for legal implications), investment bankers (financial impact), management consultants (internal ramifications), and accountants (balance sheet considerations). None of these four “seats” focus on the public as a discrete consideration. And yet, the public ultimately decides which businesses succeed — or fail — and at what pace. H+K proudly occupies the fifth seat in the room – the one devoted expressly to all matters that concern the public. The Fifth Seat advisory model combines human and research-based insights and tools with a deep trove of creative ideation to provide C-suites with the frameworks they need to grow public trust into corporate success.